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Vocal instruction to singers of all levels in NYC.

Stylistically, Gabriela’s focus as a teacher is on Jazz, Brazilian, Latin and Afro-Cuban music. Her instruction is geared towards live performance, studio and home recording, and vocal arranging.

Gabriela designed and taught a vocal course at New York University with the following outline:
Gabriela Anders in Japan
1. History of vocal jazz from the 20s to the 80s.
2. Students will be coached individually on phrasing, rhythmic feel and interpretation of standard jazz repertoire.
3. In addition to swing, Brazilian, Latin and Afro-Cuban rhythms will be applied to the jazz context, integrating the stylistic and rhythmic components of those elements with jazz.
4. Music from the Brazilian, Latin and Afro-Cuban repertoire will be taught in detail. Rhythm, interpretation, improvisation in the different styles will be explored.
5. Students will work in vocal ensemble situations, with a focus on blending, arranging and re-harmonization.
6. Studio session-related techniques will be covered, including spontaneous creation of vocal parts, meeting stylistic demands, and performance requirements particular to the recording studio.
7. Students will be instructed in the use of Pro-tools software to record and edit their vocal work.
8. Students will be required to write vocal arrangements for ensemble, to learn new repertoire and to produce a final project.
9. Vocal technique and vocal cord health and care will be discussed.

Gabriela works with her private students to improve vocal function through simple and effective strategies. Some of the vocal techniques addressed in the lessons include:

1. Diaphragmatic strength and function: identifying strategies to access diaphragmatic breathing in singing
2. Relaxation of the laryngeal mechanism
3. Developing proper resonance
4. Developing healthy vocal projection
5. Stretching vocal range
6. Working on consonant to vowel transitions
7. Vocal hygiene for the singing and speaking voice

For inquires about Gabriela’s schedule and rates for private lessons, skype sessions, group workshops or clinics, please use the contact form.